A magical musical for young performers set in the present day and AD 79 Pompeii

It is another long and drawn-out day for five archaeologists working on their early autumn dig in Pompeii. New discoveries are thin on the ground, and everyone is getting a little impatient Well almost everyone. Mick is the lead archaeologist and general brains of the operation. He has many years of experience, an addiction to jelly babies, and is well known for his colourful choice of comfy jumpers.

However, all is set to change once they make their discovery of a lifetime. While excavating in Pompeii, they unearth a mysterious deity in the form of a dog. Soon, the archaeological team find themselves on an epic and exciting adventure as they are transported back in time to AD79. They befriend a local family, play cricket, meet a very angry looking volcano, and then must use their wits and experience to try to find a way home.

The story is educational with numerous real historical nuggets of information embedded within the storyline. The script is also regularly interspersed with humour and an occasional dusting of pumice pathos.

Story, script, and music are by AL Hodgson

Follow the links below to learn more

10 minute video introducing the musical Reditus

Excerpt from the song 'Layers of our lives'

Excerpt from the song 'A whiff of trouble'

Excerpt from the song 'Reditus'

Excerpt from the song 'Deadly Dilemma'

Vocals by Charlotte Hunter